Methadone took control of me for a while.

Maybe you’ve had the same experience. Or perhaps you have a loved one you’re trying to look out for.

On my blog I share my own experience of increasing methadone prescription (which in hindsight all it really did was increase my addiction) – and my long but steady journey to move beyond it.

Many aren’t as lucky as I was.

Nowadays I have a half-way functional life without methadone, or any substance support at all.

It’s been a challenge to get my sh** together, and it’s still a challenge, every day.

With the context of time, I see how dysfunctional I was originally, and in all honesty,. how I was set up for failure in the system I’d been borne into.

A certain amount of it wasn’t my fault – but those working the NA steps already know, that’s a dangerous path to go down.

I take enough responsibility in my Methadone recovery to keep up my day -to- day life and responsibilities. But I don’t take so much that it cripples my self-esteem. There’s a happy medium. And it’s taken me a long time to learn that.

Most of my audience here are currently on Methadone, but educated enough to be actively seeking a way out, and a better life from what I call, anaesthetised living.

If this is you, know that there is way out. It involves a lot of work and a willingness to work far harder than you ever thought. But it’s possible, and it’s worthwhile.

I hope the blog helps you.