journeyWelcome to my blog.

I recovered (still am!) from methadone addiction.

I call it that because I began to use methadone, dysfunctionally, after being prescribed huge amounts of opiates following an accident.

When I discharged from hospital, they left me on opiates for the pain for about 3 months, then, after that, I was discharged from the Doctor’s care, with no further pain meds.

I don’t have to tell you, that having suffered with several broken vertebrae initially, I was left in a lot of pain, on a long term basis.

But as far as the Doctors were concerned, I was done.

The pain meds, for symptom management, at the time, are essential, especially after the procedures I went through.

But coming off them was hell – so bad I truly felt I had no alternative – but to seek opiates elsewhere.


I did, repeatedly for a while, do just that.

Until that because too painful itself, both emotionally and physically.


So on account of my past I was ushered into the methadone program.

This is my story of how I survived beyond that.

As far as I understand it, I’m not alone here. There’s a lot more on this same path, who ended  up in methadone addiction and recovery, as a result of a series of injuries, and no easy answer.

I’ll try to keep things up to date here, with a little about my path through this. I hope it helps you.

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